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Run your Shopify store. We'll handle the automation, analytics, and growth so that you can focus on your customers. Think Beagle. 🐶

👷‍♂️ What we do

We're experts in Shopify store automation, analytics, and growth. We know how little time business owners have. Let us figure out how to grow your business using data, code, and search engine optimizations, while you focus on what's most important and the things you're best at.

Here are some of the things our clients hand off to us, while they sip pina coladas by the beach 🏖 (just kidding, they're all laser-focused on their businesses, and we make it easy for them to be).

Marketing and SEO Consulting

What's the best way to drive more traffic to your site? We answer that for you, and implement the methods: SEO, a content strategy, even paid marketing sometimes (but paid marketing can be expensive and is usually not worth it (if you're doing your own marketing you should probably avoid it).

Custom App Development or Store and Theme Modification

We'll use our magical powers of code to make your site work and look however you want, whether it's automating a tedious process or customizing your theme's design. Except Comic Sans, we don't like Comic Sans.

Business and Growth Strategy

You may have heard of Parento's Principle before. Applied to growing a Shopify store, it states that about 80% of the growth and profits come from 20% of the effort. We help you figure out what that 20% is, and then pour fuel on the fire.

Analytics and Insight

Harness the power of data to grow your business. We know our way around Google Analytics, marketing attribution, CRMs, and various methods of statistical analysis to help you find the most profitable marketing channels, understand your most loyal customers, and identify product trends in your market.

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